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Service definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Sign Up Log In. Definition of service. Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense services, present participle servicing, past tense, past participle serviced language note: For meaning sense 14, services is both the singular and the plural form. A service is something that the public needs, such as transport, communications facilities, hospitals, or energy supplies, which is provided in a planned and organized way by the government or an official body.
Service definition of service by The Free Dictionary.
Free toolbar extensions. Word of the Day. Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Financial, Acronyms, Idioms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Related to service: service industry, Customer service. Work that is done for others as an occupation or business: has done service for us as a consultant.
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Service Definition for English-Language Learners from Merriam-Webster's' Learner's' Dictionary.
Ask the Editor. Word of the Day. My Saved Words. 30 ENTRIES FOUND.: service area noun. service charge noun. service club noun. service mark noun. service road noun. service station noun. answering service noun. civil service noun. community service noun. dating service noun. Foreign Service noun. Internal Revenue Service noun. Internet service provider noun. lip service noun. National Health Service noun. Postal Service noun. public service noun. room service noun. secret service noun. social services noun. Special Air Service noun. tea service noun. wire service noun. 1 service / svs/ noun. Learner's' definition of SERVICE.
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service Definition of service in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
WORD OF THE YEAR. WORD OF THE YEAR. Home British World English service. Definition of service in English.: 1 mass noun The action of helping or doing work for someone. millions are involved in voluntary service. More example sentences. Whatever the level of voluntary service, we want to hear from you.
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Service dictionary definition service defined.
Web services are applications that interact with each other on the Internet see Web services. service Legal Definition. The formal delivery of a subpoena, writ, or other legal notice or process. The doing of something useful or helpful for another individual or for a company in exchange for a fee. The time spent in the military, as in, in the service of ones country. service by publication. A publication of a notice in a newspaper or other publication in lieu of personal service. In some jurisdictions, the mailing of the news clipping to the last known address of the person is required. substituted service by. A presenting of service to a recognized agent of the party or by mailing notice to that party or any other way permitted by law other than personal service. Sentences Sentence examples. See in a sentence. 4 Pics 1 Word Answers.
service verb definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.
add a word. A must for anyone with an interest in the changing face of language. The Macmillan Dictionary blog explores English as it is spoken around the world today. global English and language change from our blog. Definition and synonyms of service from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Publishers Limited.
What Does The Word Service Mean To You? SysAid Blog.
For such a simple word it sure can mean a lot of different things to different people. For sports fans a good service is a critical part of tennis success. For the religious, a service is a ceremony of worship.
Service Definition of Service by Merriam-Webster.
hoax, unwitting not knowing or not intended. Anglo-American reflecting English and American jurisprudence. sartorial of or relating to clothes. Explore the year a word first appeared. Definition of service. 1 a: the occupation or function of serving. in active service.
service Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Definition of service from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Translations of service. in Chinese Traditional. in Chinese Simplified. perkhidmatan, khidmat, bekerja sebagai pembantu rumah. servicio, cargo por servicio, trabajo., servizio, coperto, funzione. hizmet, servis, bakma. obsuga, usuga, suba. servicio, ayuda, revisión. s phc v, s giúp, s hu h. servei, càrrec per servei, feina., pelayanan, bantuan, servis. Need a translator? Get a quick, free translation! What is the pronunciation of service? serve sth up. serve up something. Create and share your own word lists and quizzes for free!
Servicing Define Servicing at
Word Origin and History for servicing Expand. c.1100, celebration" of public worship, from Old French servise act" of homage; servitude; service at table; Mass, church ceremony, from Latin servitium slavery, condition of a slave, servitude, also slaves" collectively, from servus slave" see serve v. Meaning act" of serving, occupation of an attendant servant" is attested from c.1200, as is that of assistance, help; a helpful act" From c.1300 as provision" of food; sequence of dishes served in a meal" from late 14c. as service" at table, attendance during a meal" Meaning the" furniture of the table" tea service, etc.

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