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Packet" and datagram" are similar in meaning. A protocol similar to TCP, the User Datagram Protocol UDP uses the term datagram. This was last updated in April 2007. Continue Reading About packet. Find examples of circuit switching and packet switching in networking.
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slang a large sum of money: to cost a packet. computing a unit into which a larger piece of data is broken down for more efficient transmission See also packet switching. transitive to wrap up in a packet or as a packet.
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What is a Packet?
The most common packet sent is the TCP packet. The size of a packet is limited, so most data sent over a network is broken up into multiple packets before being sent out and then put back together when received.
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a packet of salt and vinegar crisps. You left the packet open. A packet of white powder was found and police scientists are analysing it. The contents of this packet may settle. She bought a packet of sweets to suck on the journey.
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Learn More about packet. See words that rhyme with packet Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for packet Spanish Central: Translation of packet Nglish: Translation of packet for Spanish speakers Britannica English: Translation of packet for Arabic speakers. Seen and Heard.
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Packet radio, a form of amateur radio data communications using the AX25 protocol. Packet trade, regularly scheduled cargo, passenger, and mail trade conducted by ship. Packet boat, type of boat used for scheduled mail or passenger service. C-82 Packet, a U.S.
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10000 1000 1000 true. DHL Belgium Mail Packet. About Deutsche Post Packet. Deutsche Post provides easy and affordable international postal services to European business customers for their letters and lightweight goods. Our Deutsche Post Packet services are specifically tailored for.:
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8 bits that contain the Time to live TTL, which is the number of hops router, computer or device along a network the packet is allowed to pass before it dies for example, a packet with a TTL of 16 will be allowed to go across 16 routers to get to its destination before it is discarded.,

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