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of a male animal to mate with a female animal. to pay off a debt over a period of time, as by meeting periodic interest payments. at someone's' service, ready to be of help or use to someone; at one's' disposal.:
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service Computer Definition. From the Latin servitium, meaning slavery, referring to a person or device with the function of giving good by providing usefulness to others. A service is something done by a person or device for the benefit of another.
Service Essay.
It wasnt an occupation, but forcing a person to work for them, often times not out of their own free will. If you were to look in a really old dictionary that definition might actually be written down as a synonym for the word service; that however is no longer a use of the word because the practice has been illegal for a long time. Many words for that reason change over time some more dramatically than others.
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I believe I can be of service to you here, she said. Yet he is happy where he is, being of service and working with others. My goal is to actually be of service, not just to hold onto my position, she said.
Be Defined By Your Service To Others.
Pastor Rick's' Daily Hope Nav. Be Defined By Your Service To Others. By Rick Warren May 21, 2014. Your attitude must be like my own, for I, the Messiah, did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give my life.
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Helping definition, the act of a person or thing that helps. Serving one's' own interests, especially without concern for the needs or interests of others. How can I be more Christlike in my service to others? Dictionary and Word of the Day.
Is Serving Others the Key to Meaning and Purpose? Psychology Today.
Take the initiative to push your local communities to do service for the social good. You will likely help yourself and others find a more powerful perception of life meaning, increase mental and physical well-being for yourself and others, and you can gain greater agency through achieving your personal and social goals.

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