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Service vs Services
And service is uncountable when it means help; work done by hired personnel. Example: 1 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon star, Michelle Yeoh was conferred with a Datuk a Knight by the Sultan of Perak for her services rendered to the country.
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Service economics Wikipedia.
And although some utilities actually deliver physical goods like water utilities that deliver water utilities are usually treated as services. In a narrower sense, service refers to quality of customer service: the measured appropriateness of assistance and support provided to a customer.
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service Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
These days there are service jobs that no one ever dreamed about in the 1950s. GDP is a measure of an economy's' output of goods and services. The goal is to increase customer loyalty by providing customized products and services.
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Grammar Service or Services?
And we ususally take our car in for service not a service because we know the repair shop will always check everything else, not just the original complaint, and try to sell us other services. Even if it's' just to replace the windshield wipers.
Service business Wikipedia.
Business services are a recognisable subset of economic services, and share their characteristics. The essential difference is that businesses are concerned about the building of service systems in order to deliver value to their customers and to act in the roles of service provider and service consumer.
Services marketing Wikipedia.
43 Taken collectively, the papers presented at that conference indicate that service marketers were thinking about a revision to the general marketing mix based on an understanding that services were fundamentally different to products, and therefore required different tools and strategies.
Goods and services Wikipedia.
Although some utilities, such as electricity and communications service providers, exclusively provide services, other utilities deliver physical goods, such as water utilities. For public sector contracting purposes in the European Union, electricity supply is actually defined as goods rather than services.
service Definition of service in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
I point out that the wedding is a service of worship in which God is the focus and our goal is to please Him. Therefore, his religious services in the morning and evening used to be a major event each day.
Service Wikipedia.
Customer service, provision of assistance to customers or clients. Domestic service, employment in a residence. Table service, food served by waiters and waitresses, also known as servers. Service economy, which increases the integration of services in other sectors of the economy.
Service definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas will service our needs for some considerable time to come. See also active service, Civil Service, community service, emergency services, in-service, National Health Service, national service, public service, room service. at the service of.

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